Underage sting: who in the Battery sold alcohol to a minor and who didn’t

photo of a mixed drink in a stemmed glass for article about underage sting operation in the Battery(photo by Will Shenton - https://bevvy.co/cocktail/bees-knees/visy, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=55005574)

According to a report from Officer Sarah O’Hara, the Cobb County Police Department‘s Permit/Regulatory Services Unit conducted an under-21 compliance check (popularly known as an underage sting) Monday. During the operation, which took place in the Battery area near SunTrust Park, 10 establishments were checked. The following establishments did not sell alcohol to the underage volunteer:

  1. Goldbergs (875 Battery Ave #730, Atlanta, GA 30339)
  2. Wahlburgers (455 Legends Pl #920, Atlanta, GA 30339)
  3. Punch Bowl Social (875 Battery Ave #720, Atlanta, GA 30339)
  4. Cru Wine Bar (915 Battery Ave, Atlanta, GA 30339)
  5. Yard House (825 Battery Ave #320, Atlanta, GA 30339)
  6. Feed Fried Chicken (900 Battery Ave #600, Atlanta, GA 30339)
  7. Sports and Social (825 Battery Ave #600, Atlanta, GA 30339)
  8. C Ellets (2605 Circle 75 Pkwy #400, Atlanta, GA 30339)

The following failed the check and sold alcohol to the underage individual:

  1. El Super Pan (875 Battery Ave #862, Atlanta, GA 30339)
  2. Antico Pizza (2605 Circle 75 Pkwy #420, Atlanta, GA 30339)

What happens next for the non-compliant establishments?

Officer O’Hara, when asked what the next steps are for the two non-compliant establishments, told the Courier in an email, “The server will be issued a citation (ticket) for the violation. They will have to answer to that citation in criminal court. The licensee will be issued an administrative fee ($750 for the first offense). Both of these restaurants were first time offenders. The administrative fees increase incrementally until the sixth violation at which time they enter an administrative process to determine whether their pouring license will be revoked or not.”