Cobb deputy injured by fleeing suspect’s vehicle

photo of Marietta City Hall

According to reports from the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office and the Marietta Police Department, at around 4:00 a.m. this morning a 13-year veteran of the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office who was assigned to court security approached individuals suspected of an attempt to break into a vehicle at 32 Waddell Street in downtown Marietta, which is the address of Cobb County’s Magistrate and Probate courts.  The deputy was struck by the fleeing vehicle and discharged his weapon.

The Marietta Police Department, which is investigating the incident, stated in their news release, “One suspect ran on foot while another got back into their own vehicle and maneuvered aggressively toward the Deputy, striking him with the vehicle.  The deputy drew his agency issued duty weapon and fired toward the suspect vehicle during the incident.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the deputy was taken to Kennestone Hospital, and was released later in the morning.  He has been placed on administrative leave.

Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren said, “I am thankful that our deputy’s injuries were not more serious considering that he was struck by a vehicle.  I am grateful for the quick response by our Deputies as well as Marietta Police and Fire. You can be assured that we are working expeditiously with the Marietta Police Department to bring these suspects into custody.”

Anyone with information about the incident should is aske d to contact Marietta Police Department Detective Mark Erion at (770) 794-5335.