Police use GIS software at Braves stadium

Cobb County Police carCobb County police car (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb GIS department tweeted a link to a short video from ESRI about the various ways Geographical Information System software has been used in planning and running the Braves stadium (SunTrust Park).


In the video, Jennifer Lana, the  GIS Manager for Cobb County, said,  “If you’re not familiar with Georgia, Georgia does have some hills. So around the stadium there are several points that line of sight is obscured because of hills. So for our police and public safety, (GIS) provided just a wealth of information that they did not have before. If they don’t have line of sight over that hill to see what the next officer’s doing, that can be a big issue for them.”

She said they can open the elevations on their mobile devices or devices in their cars and pan and zoom around the area using the 3D view to know their line of sight before they even get to the ball park or whatever station they might have been assigned that day.

“So for our police department it has been huge, not only in situational awareness, but overall lay of the land in that area. Just another way for them to visually see what they have to manage,” she said.

What is GIS?

According to the website for the Cobb GIS department,

A Geographic Information System (GIS) uses computers and software to map and analyze places and events on the earth’s surface. GIS allows a person to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize data in ways that are not possible by simply reading a report or examining figures found in the rows and columns of a spreadsheet.

Nearly all county government information has a geographic component to it. Examples of this include a property’s address, a manhole location, a street, and a city’s jurisdictional boundary. GIS consolidates and integrates all this diverse information so it can be managed more effectively and efficiently.