Glover Park maintenance and South Park repaving

photo of Marietta City Hall

This week maintenance and repaving projects will affect visitors to Glover Park on Marietta Square.

Maintenance in the park requires that the fountain will be turned off and the playground closed.  The work includes landscaping, and the painting of items in the playground, the fountain, the wedding gazebo, and other features within the park.

The work began yesterday, April 16, and the fountain will be turned off and the playground unavailable until April 24.

In addition to the work in the park itself, the sidewalk and repaving project will continue on South Park Square adjacent to Glover Park.

The sidewalk is nearly complete, and will be ready for the Taste of Marietta at the end of April.

Parking on the street was closed on Sunday and will continue to be closed through the week for the paving and milling project.

The announcement of the repaving on the City of Marietta website states:

Drivers will be able to travel on South Park during the day but not at night as we will have crews working thru the night to complete the project as soon as possible. Cars must be moved by 5pm on Sunday, April 14th on South Park or else they will be towed!

Please remember, all businesses are open for their normal business hours.

About Glover Park

Glover Park is the centerpiece of Marietta Square.

The 1.35-acre park has a gazebo, a fountain, a stage, a playground, and benches. Since it’s on the square, there are shops, restaurants, museums, theaters and other amenities within short walking distance.


According to the City of Marietta website:

As the gem in our park system, Glover Park in the Marietta Square, is the location for many festivals, concerts, weddings and special events.

The setting is reminiscent of a Victorian Square with colorful seasonal landscaping.

The Gazebo is a favorite spot for weddings and prom photos. At the opposite side of the Square is the Stage where our evening concert series and brown bag concerts take place.

Children can play on the special train engine playground while parents relax.

At the center of the park is the beautiful multi-tiered fountain.”