Cobb Police Explorers win 11th consecutive state championship

Cobb Police Explorers display trophies from their 11th consecutive state championshipCobb Police Explorers display trophies from their 11th consecutive state championship (photo courtesy of the Cobb County Police Department)

The Cobb Police Explorers won their 11th consecutive state championship. They accomplished this during the 15th annual Law Enforcement Explorer State Championship held July 13 and 14 at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia.

Sgt. Wayne Delk of the Cobb County Police Department wrote in a press release,

This year, the team of eight competed against eleven other posts and brought home their eleventh consecutive state championship. The Cobb County Police Department is proud of the exceptional teamwork displayed by the young men and women in our Explorer program. We are also thankful for the amount of work our Explorer Advisors (Officers Higgins and O’Hara, pictured far right and far left respectively) put into making this program the success it is. Bravo.

Cobb Police Explorers program

According to the Explorers website, “The goals of the Cobb County Police Exploring program are to educate youth in police operations, to interest them in a possible career in law enforcement, and to build confidence and valuable leadership skills for the future.”


Mission of the Cobb Police Explorers

The Cobb Police Explorers website describes the mission of the Cobb County Police Explorers.  It states:

Through education and training, we will provide our explorers with inside knowledge of law enforcement and its functions in the community.

The Explorer program seeks to establish an awareness of the complexities of police service and give the young adults an opportunity to witness and experience the kind of commitment and passion is needed to be a police officer.

The Law Enforcement Explorer program will provide the Explorer with a basic knowledge of the field of law enforcement. Explorers will receive instruction in many aspects relating to law enforcement including criminal law, traffic law, criminal investigation, crime prevention, traffic control and direction, accident investigation, juvenile delinquency, and other related fields.