Superior Pets for Patriotic Vets featured at Cobb commissioners meeting

David Birkenbine and his dog LorettaDavid Birkenbine and Loretta (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

David Birkenbine is a regular at Cobb County Board of Commissioners meetings. He consistently addresses the BOC, advocating for enforcement of the county’s medical burn ban ordinance.

But at Tuesday night’s meeting of the BOC, he was in front of the commissioners for a different reason.

Jay Cunningham of Superior Plumbing was there to present a check to the county for the Superior Pets for Patriotic Vets initiative, and Birkenbine brought Loretta, the pup he had adopted through the program.

Loretta seemed very pleased to be there, alternately attempting to jump into the arms of anyone who approached her, and barking like dogs tend to do.

Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, who has been a regular advocate for the program at Cobb BOC meetings, accepted the oversized ceremonial check from Cunningham, representing an actual donation of $5,000.

Here’s a description of the program from the BOC agenda”

The Superior Pets for Patriotic Vets pairs Cobb County Animal Services homeless pets with armed services veterans. So far, over 100 pets have found their forever homes through this program and over 100 veterans have their forever friends.

The success of this program has been overwhelming! Veterans from across Cobb County and north Georgia have been a part of this program. We were fortunate enough to have a World War II veteran adopt through the initiative.Superior Plumbing has generously donated another $5000 for veteran adoptions.

This means that even more veterans will have their forever friends and more pets will have their forever homes.

Check out the slideshow of David Birkenstine and Loretta below