Major drug trafficking arrest in Marietta

Marietta police carMarietta Police Car (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

According to a public information release from Ofc. Chuck McPhilamy of the Marietta Police Department, the department made a major drug bust April 15 on Gresham Road in Marietta.

The arrest and seizure of a large amount of narcotics were the result of a year-long investigation by the Marietta Police Department Crime Interdiction Unit (CIU) with help from the Bartow County Drug Task Force.

The investigation began in January of 2019.

On April 15 CIU investigators detained the suspect, a 23-year-old Marietta man, and executed a search warrant at his Gresham Avenue home.

[It is the policy of the Cobb County Courier to omit or redact names of suspects and defendants until either a guilty verdict or a guilty plea is reached.]

The public information release describes the results of the search of the suspect’s house as follows:

Inside the residence, Investigators located and seized the following: 2.5 pounds of marijuana, 104 Oxycodone pills, 7 MDMA pills, 104 grams of crack cocaine, 20 grams of heroin, 2 stolen hand guns, and material to cook, cut, package, and distribute heroin and crack cocaine.

[The suspect] was booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center and is being held without bond, facing the following charges:

  • VGCSA Trafficking more than 28 grams (F)
  • Trafficking Heroin (F)
  • VGCSA Intent to Distribute MDMA (F)
  • VGCSA Intent to Distribute Oxycodone (F)
  • VGCSA Intent to Distribute Marijuana (F)
  • Theft by Receiving Firearm (F)
  • Possession of Firearm During Commission of Crime (F)

Marietta Police Chief Dan Flynn said in the public information release that he ”is proud of this case and the ongoing work accomplished by our MPD Crime Interdiction Unit.  Residents of Marietta can rest easy tonight knowing that this dangerous drug dealer is off the streets and out of our community.”    

The MPD Crime Interdiction Unit (CIU)

According to the Marietta Police Department website:

The Crime Interdiction Unit (CIU) was formed in 1993 under a grant from the Marietta Housing Authority. CIU started as a street level drug unit that worked primarily in the housing projects. Through the years, CIU has changed and expanded to meet the needs of the community. Today, CIU work to reduce street level drug crime and gang crime through surveillance operations, stakeouts, and stings.