Shelia Edwards receives endorsements from a union representative and a community leader

Shelia Edwards picks up endorsementsShelia Edwards (photo courtesy of Shelia Edwards)

Shelia Edwards, who will face Monique Sheffield in the Democratic primary run-off for District 4 Cobb County Commissioner, has received endorsements from Ken Howell, a local union representative, and Rev. Coakley Pendergrass, a Cobb County minister and community leader.

Howell is a community representative for Amalgamated Transit Union Local 732, and is well-known at meetings of the Cobb County Board of Cemmissioners for his advocacy for public transit in South Cobb.

He said in endorsing Edwards:

Because of her support and advocacy for the issues of working people in our community, I am wholeheartedly throwing my support and endorsement for Cobb County Commissioner for District 4 to Shelia Edwards.

Shelia also supports our efforts to improve the transit deficit and inequities that plague our community. She is a progressive candidate with a strong pro-union attitude and will be a good friend to labor because she understands the issues of working families.

I believe Shelia will vote to support the health and welfare of workers and will work in a positive and constructive manner on the numerous issues we face including better working standards, an improved minimum wage, and health insurance, among other things.

As someone who regularly goes before the Board of Commissioners to advocate on issues, I have personally witnessed Shelia’s advocacy and her work on issues impacting our neighborhoods. As a business owner with in-depth expertise on contracting, human resources, and employment matters, Shelia has been battel tested and will always stand up for what is right.

Over the course of her career and activism Shelia has forged positive relationships with members of the Board of Commissions, county managers, and community leaders. She is fully equipped to go into County government on day one and manage all the areas of responsibility for that role, including zoning. Shelia knows how to leverage relationships to achieve positive results. She will use her experiences to successfully manage our diverse workforce in a professional and effective manner. I urge my brothers and sisters of Labor and those who support the Labor Union to join me in supporting the right candidate, the only candidate, Shelia Edwards.

The Rev. Coakley Pendergrass is the Associate Minister at Turner Chapel AME Church, and the founder of the Georgia Community Coalition.

Rev. Pendergrass said in announcing his support of Edwards:

I am proud to announce my support and endorsement of Shelia Edwards as the next Commissioner for District4. As someone who has overseen this community and seen politicians and “would be politicians” come and go across the Metro Atlanta area and Cobb County,

I believe that Shelia is the right person at the right time for our community. Shelia is Unbossed and Unbought in her advocacy for the quality of life for the people of District 4.

She has staying power and she will not be bashful about the tough issues our community faces. Shelia says what she means and means what she says, like past leaders who have championed change or served as change agents on issues that others would not touch. Sheila has done the work on behalf of the community.

As a private citizen, she led efforts that others shied away from, like the fight she waged on behalf of the community against a waste transfer station.

While Shelia was fighting for us, others sat silent. I urge voters to do their homework to see who has been fighting for the community and who has not. Shelia fought for us then and now it is our time to fight for Shelia to be elected as the next Commissioner for District 4.

As a community leader, I am personally leading this charge and I invite others to join me. I urge each of my followers and the citizens who genuinely care about our community to go to the polls on or before the August11th runoff and vote for Shelia Edwards for District 4 Commissioner.