Sheffield, Rinaudo, Johnson unofficial Cobb run-off winners

absentee ballot drop boxBallot drop at the South Cobb Government Center (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The run-off votes have been counted, except for 12 outstanding unsigned absentee ballots, and Sheffield, Rinaudo and Johnson were the unofficial winners in races close enough to have been affected by corrections of provisional or unsigned absentee ballots.

The elections results webpage for the Cobb County primary and nonpartisan run-offs was updated on Wednesday afternoon to reflect the additional absentee ballots that were placed in drop-boxes by voters on election night evening.

On Friday evening the provisional ballots that were corrected by the voters and the absentee ballots for which signatures were obtained were added to the totals.

In the House District 35 Democratic race Kyle Rinaudo is the unofficial winner with 1,302 votes to Lisa Campbell’s 1,116.

Rinaudo will face incumbent Republican Ed Setzler in the November election.

In the Democratic race for Clerk of Superior Court, Connie Taylor maintained a substantial lead over her opponent Nancy Syrop, at 18,265 to 10,831. Taylor will face incumbent Republican Rebecca Keaton in November.

Cobb Board of Commissioners District 2 Republican candidate Fitz Johnson led Andy Smith 4,925 to 4,839 in another close race. Despite the narrow margin in did not fall within the half percent necessary for a recount, so Johnson will face Democrat Jerica Richardson in November. The race will fill the seat vacated by incumbent Republican Bob Ott.

In the Commission District 4 Democratic run-off Monique Sheffield led her opponent Shelia Edwards 5,130 to 4,916 for the unofficial win. There is no Republican candidate for this heavily Democratic district, so after certification Sheffield is expected to be the presumptive incoming commissioner.

The nonpartisan judicial race for Cobb County Superior Court has a wider margin for the two candidates. Jason Marbutt has 30.825 votes as of the last update, and Gregory “Greg” Shenton has 24.404. Since the race is nonpartisan the results of the run-off will determine who sits on the bench.

Finally in the non-partisan race for State Court Judge for Post 6, Diana Simmons has 28,276 votes to Tina Griffiths at 26,756.. So after certification Diana Simmons will become judge-elect.

All these results are unofficial, and the certification of the election results will take place at a meeting of the Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration on August 20.