Acworth approves same millage rate as last year, taxes increase

Acworth City Hall in article about Baker Road annexationAcworth City Hall sign (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

By Arielle Robinson

Acworth’s Board of Aldermen adopted the same millage rate as last year — 8.95 mills — at a special meeting held Monday evening.

As defined by Georgia law this amounts to a tax increase of 5.88 percent, because of the increase in the property tax digest from last year.

The city had its third and final legally required hearing on the millage rate that day.

City Manager James Albright said that keeping the millage rate the same will let the city provide the same amount of services they did before and after the pandemic.

He said that Acworth’s economy has done well at bouncing back from the hit that the pandemic has caused many local economies in Georgia and elsewhere to take.

Albright attributed the rebound to “support from our amazing community along with local, state and federal programs implemented during the pandemic.”

Acworth’s website says that homeowners who have a homestead exemption should not see an increase of their city tax bill.

Albright said that if a homeowner lives at their home but does not have a homestead exemption they can file for one at the Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s page linked here.

“Any homeowner, investment property or commercial property are not eligible for the exemption,” the city manager said. “The millage rate remains the same, but the total taxes they pay could change if they were recently reassessed and their property value increased or decreased.”

Last year, Acworth’s Board increased the millage rate from 7.60 to 8.95 mills.

The reasons former City Manager Brian Bulthuis cited for the increase were losses to city revenue and a rise in healthcare and payroll costs for city employees.

Alderman Brett North said last year that COVID-19 related shutdowns cost Acworth over $500,000 worth of revenue.

Before 2020, the city had not altered the millage rate for 14 years.