Do you like reading the Cobb County Courier? Would you like to help us thrive and grow? Here are a few easy ways to help out

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If you like what you read in the Courier, and would like for us to stick around and expand our coverage, there are a few ways you can help out.

The first is to sign up for our free daily email newsletter. The newsletter is important for two reasons: The first is that it’s a way for me to more regularly speak directly to readers, which I do in the little intros I write every day. In fact the newsletter consists of the intro plus a list of links to the articles we’ve published since the last newsletter.

The second reason our newsletter is important to us is that once we’ve built our newsletter subscribers to the point where it’s feasible, we can sell ads there. We don’t even try to sell newsletter ads now, because there are only a few hundred subscribers.

And while our ad revenue might not be the first thing on a reader’s mind, more revenue means more in-depth reporting, period. Eventually I’d like to offer freelancers staff positions if they want them. And having full-time reporters means we can take on more projects.


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Social Media

Another way to help us grow is by following us or liking us on the social media accounts you’re active on. The Courier has accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The value of followers is that the social media companies reward high follower accounts with more “reach.” Reach is the likelihood that when we post something it will be shown on the platform to a larger audience. Followers and likes aren’t the only factors that go into the mysterious algorithms that social media companies us to determine reach, but it’s an important one.

You can follow us on Twitter at this link. I’ve heard the world is divided into Facebook people and Twitter people. While I use both platforms heavily, I’ve always been more of a Twitter person. If you are too, by all means follow us on Twitter. Even if you are mostly a Facebook person, but have a Twitter account, follow us on Twitter, too.

Our Facebook page is at this link, and you can like or follow us there. Facebook has one of the most sensitive algorithm to likes and follows of all the social media platforms. The more likes and follows a page has, the more people see the posts.

Here is our Instagram page. I’ve begun posting some of the thousands of photos I’ve taken from around Cobb County lately. But our follower count is only at 540 at the moment. Help us out with a follow if you can.

Follow us on Google News. I think Google News is really underutilized by most readers of news sites. It’s a good quick way to get a summary of headlines and links to articles from your favorite publications.


Finally, if you really like us, and want us to grow, and can afford it, donate to us. As I stated earlier, the more revenue we have, the more we will be able to take on more topics, and in more depth.

I should state right up front, we are not a non-profit corporation, so donations to us are not tax deductible. So the sole reason to donate to us is to support our coverage.

Here is a link to get the pop-up to donate to us. You can either make recurring donations or a one-time contribution.

We appreciate your support

Whatever you decide to do, subscribe, like or donate, we really appreciate it!