Mableton election unofficial results in with several runoffs ahead

a screenshot of the six districts in Mableon, with 1,2,3 to the south, 4, 5, 6 to the north

[Correction: in the first version I referred to Aaron Carman as “Adam.” I regret the error. Thankfully it was only up for a few minutes before I noticed it — LFJ]

The Mableton mayoral and city council elections are in. The results are still unofficial, but there will be probable runoffs in the mayoral race, and in districts 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The runoffs will be held April 18, 2023.

In District 6, Debora Herndon ran unopposed after Ricky Dickens dropped out of the race, and in District 1 Ron Davis won 52.36 percent of the vote in a win over DeBorah Johnson.

The runoffs will likely be as follows:

In the mayoral race Aaron Carman (35.79 percent) and Michael Owens (30.56 percent).

District 2: Monica Evette DeLancy (38.11 percent) and Dami Oladpo (33.03 percent).

District 3: Keisha Jeffcoat (31.21 percent) and Yashica Marshall (23.81 percent). Barry Krebs came within 1.03 percentage points of Marshall, more than the half percentage point threshold necessary to request a recount unless more votes are found to be uncounted from yesterday’s election.

District 4: Patricia Auch (45.72 percent) and Cassandra Lynn Brown (20.07 percent).

District 5: TJ Ferguson (41.06 percent) and Cheryl Davis (31.79 percent).

How did the de-annexation slate do?

There were four candidates put forward by the organized group favoring de-annexation of the northern portion of the city: Aaron Carman, DeBorah Johnson, Barry Krebs, Patricia Auch and Debora Herndon.

Aaron Carman will face a runoff against Michael Owens. Carman received 35.79 percent of the vote to 30.56 percent for Owens.

DeBorah Johnson was defeated by Ron S. Davis.

Barry Krebs fell short of a runoff, and unless more votes are discovered uncounted from this election, is out of the race.

Patricia Auch will face a runoff with Cassandra Lynn Brown.

Debora Herndon ran unopposed and won.

District 4 was the most crowded race

With eight candidates, District 4 was the most crowded race.

Not surprisingly, Auch perfomed the best in precincts that voted heavily against cityhood: Birney 02, Mableton 3 and Mableton 4. Brown received more votes than Auch in Lindley 01 and Mableton 01.