Mableton Improvement Coalition membership now open to all residents within Mableton city limits

a screenshot of the six districts in Mableon, with 1,2,3 to the south, 4, 5, 6 to the north

The Mableton Improvement Coalition, which had previously limited full membership to residents of the 30126 zip code, has now expanded its membership to include parts of the City of Mableton that fall within other zip codes. Affected areas include the large part of south Cobb within the city limits of Mableton, but with Austell postal addresses, and areas within Mableton with Smyrna and Powder Springs addresses.

Here is the text of the announcement:

The Mableton Improvement Coalition (MIC) is pleased to announce the expansion of its membership to include all residents of the city of Mableton.

Previously, only residents of Mableton zip code (30126) were eligible to elect MIC’s Board of
Directors or were eligible to run for MIC’s Board of Directors.

Effective immediately, all residents in the city of Mableton (regardless of zip code or mailing address) may vote in MIC’s board elections and be eligible for election to our Board of Directors.

For example, residents of unincorporated Smyrna, Austell, and Powder Springs who are within the boundaries of the city of Mableton (regardless of zip code or mailing address), may become MIC members with full voting privileges. Similarly, existing MIC members who reside in these areas have been updated to full membership with voting privileges.

Residents living outside of the city of Mableton will continue to be classified as ‘Associate’ members. Associate members do not have voting privileges and do not qualify for board membership.

All MIC members will continue to receive the MIC newsletter and other services about what is going on in the city.

To join MIC, renew your membership or for information on membership benefits, visit

The Mableton Improvement Coalition is an all-volunteer, non-profit community group working to promote activities, enhance communication, and facilitate initiatives that will benefit the welfare of the community and its spirit. For more information about MIC programs and membership, visit