Man caught on video removing package from front porch in Acworth

screen grab from security video of removal of package from porch

Acworth police are searching for a man who was caught on video removing a package from a resident’s front porch Thursday, Sept. 28.

Jan Roberts, the resident and victim, said the package was stolen at 3:26 p.m., just five minutes after FedEx delivered it to her home in the Baker Plantation neighborhood. She said the package contained a Nest indoor security camera.

“I do typically feel safe in my neighborhood,” Roberts said.

She moved to Acworth three years ago from East Cobb. Now, she said she is more cautious and aware of her surroundings.

“I personally have added more cameras to my home,” Roberts said, “and I’m purchasing a handgun and a license to carry permit.”

In the 30-second video, the man walks up the steps to Roberts’ porch and knocks on her door, holding some kind of paper in his other hand. He looks down at the package for several seconds before picking it up and immediately leaving, cutting across the front lawn.

Acworth police have posted a link to the security footage on its Facebook page and urged anyone with information about the case to contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 770-974-1232.

Video of the removal of the package embedded below: