Where things stand with Cobb County’s response to the aftermath of the snowstorm

Cobb County Commission Chairman Mike Boyce (Right) is briefed on the county's work plan -- Photo courtesy of Cobb County

The Cobb County government issued a press release this morning to inform citizens about where things stand in the county in the aftermath of the storm.

The Cobb County Department of Transportation will be working through the weekend to clean up the downed trees that have been reported.

The only road closure still in effect is at Davis Road near Holly Springs Road.


Road Maintenance Division Manager Bill Shelton said calls about downed trees came in through the night, bringing the total number of locations where trees fell on roadways or county right-of-way to more than 150. Crews also treated roads for black ice in 51 locations. Numerous accidents were reported by police in the county.

“We will have a full complement of crews working Sunday morning,” Shelton said. “We hope to have the majority of trees cleaned up by mid-afternoon. We’ll spend much of the week picking up the debris off the right-of-way. It will be a long week, but we are up to the task.”

According to the press release:

Cobb crews will only handle trees that impact roadways or right-of-ways in the county. Since the storm started, 154 of those calls have been logged. 55 of those have been cleared, leaving 99 locations across Cobb County crews are dealing with today.

Temperatures are expected to go above freezing by mid-morning.

Cobb County’s Switzer Library plans normal Sunday hours from 1 pm to 5 pm today.