Repaving Brookside Drive in Mableton — Part 2

Repaving Brookside Drive -- trucks spread asphaltRepaving Brookside Drive in Mableton (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Repaving Brookside Drive continues

Repaving crews have been working on streets adjoining Oakdale Road.  Over the past few days they’ve begun spreading and rolling the asphalt.  This is our second part slideshow of the work-in-progress of repaving Brookside Drive.  Last week crews scraped the road on both sides. This work is part of the larger project of paving Oakdale Road.

Check out the slideshow below of the repaving of Brookside Drive:


Road construction workers in demand in Georgia

This section was included in the first part of this series also. Jobs that pay well that don’t require a college degree are increasingly rare, so we think it’s important to highlight those jobs and industries.

If you or someone you know is considering a career change, road construction workers, including resurfacing crews, are in demand in Georgia.  In February the Courier ran an article entitled Highway Contractors, Latin American Association Team Up For Job Fair Feb. 3.

In that article industry officials described the need for workers. David Moellering, Executive Director of the Georgia Highway Contractors Association said, “There are a lot of major projects going on. The managed lanes project is finishing up, and the I-285/Georgia S.R. 400 intersection project is getting underway. Plus there is a lot of road resurfacing and bridge rehabilitation going on. Everywhere in Cobb County, when you see barrels, I’d say those barrels are jobs. Barrels mean somebody is working.”

Roughly two-thirds of Georgia high school students do not go on to complete a four-year college degree. For those who do not finish college, Moellering said his industry provides a great way to establish a career. An entry-level worker who proves to be a good laborer can move on to operating heavy machinery, and if they show leadership skills can become a foreman or superintendent, potentially moving high from there.


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