Avoid Oakdale Road between Buckner and Highlands Pkwy

Oakdale Road at Dickerson -- photo by Larry Felton JohnsonOakdale Road at Dickerson -- photo by Larry Felton Johnson

I’m writing this as a note “From the Editor” because we don’t do systematic traffic reporting. But the delays are so long due to the paving of Oakdale Road between Buckner Road and Highlands Parkway that I felt a warning was in order.  Part of the problem is the narrowing of the road to one lane, but another problem is that since traffic is backing up on both Oakdale Road and Highland Parkway, impatient drivers are performing creative stunts to try to go around the traffic.  It’s particularly chaotic at Oak Drive, where drivers turning onto Oakdale are doing desperation maneuvers to try to force their way into the flow of traffic.

So be warned.  Find some other direction.  Riverview Road is a good alternative to travel either north toward South Cobb Drive or south toward Veteran’s Memorial.