Cafe Social House ribbon cutting

Cafe Social House ribbon cutting by owner Gloria SmithOwner Gloria Smith cuts the ribbon for Cafe Social House (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cafe Social House ribbon cutting ceremony was held Thursday morning.  Gloria Smith, who own’s the restaurant with her husband Marvin Smith, cut the ribbon provided by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, then provided food for neighbors and guests.

After the ribbon cutting Smith told the Courier that it feels great to be open, and she’s very excited.

Manager Don Simon behind counter (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Manager Don Simon behind counter (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Manager Don Simon said, “I am the restaurant training manager and also the customer service manager, so when it’s good or whether it’s bad, we’ll address the issues and make it back to good.”

He said, “This is actually Gloria’s fourth restaurant, and she’s only moved up every time, and I’ve been with her for the past 12 years in all of her other endeavors, but this one to me is the climax, it’s the best that I’ve seen. And it’s her own.  Her other restaurants … were franchised, but this is her baby, her and Marvin, so I’m just glad that they’re here.”

When asked about the menu, Simon said, “Oh, the menu is a full variety, so you’ve got everything from shrimp and grits, all the way to good old Angus beefburger, turkey burgers, tilapia, shrimp, it’s just a full menu … wings, so a little bit of something for everybody.”

“We currently do not sell beer and wine.  That will be something we’ll be looking to do in the future,” he said.

“We’re just glad to be here in the Mableton area. People have been waiting on us to open, and so we are finally open, and we’re just hoping that everybody will get behind us, and come in and support us, and we have good success.  It’s going to be good food,” he said.

South Cobb Alliance organizer and Cafe Social House customer Tre'Hutchins with a plate of the restaurant's food (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

South Cobb Alliance organizer and Cafe Social House customer Tre’Hutchins with a plate of the restaurant’s food (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Tre’Hutchins, the organizer for the South Cobb Alliance, said, “I’m just excited about seeing new businesses pop up in the Mableton/Austell area in the South Cobb community. This here represents what we want to continue to see in our area as far as growth is concerned.  So I’m excited.”

Watch the Cafe Social House ribbon cutting slideshow below


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  1. Having seen earlier “photos/graphics/artists’ renditions”, the impression has been this establishment as a “sit down”…i.e. order from your table, served to your table. From these pics…it does not appear to be that, as I see a customer wielding his own plate?

  2. Thank you all for coming out to our Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Larry … it was a pleasure to meet you! Yes Ms. Patty Rech, we wanted our guests to have a taste of the Cafe and so we set up a small tasting in the bar area. When we have catered functions at the restaurant (private events), the client might request that we provide a buffet. Other than that … full table service from one of our Customer Service Ambassadors. Look forward to seeing you at the Cafe Social House soon!!! 🙂

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