Buckner Road sidewalks underway

Road sign where the Bucker Road sidewalks would begin (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)Road sign where the Bucker Road sidewalks would begin (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

At the February 26 meeting the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved an agreement with Southeastern Engineering to design Buckner Road sidewalks in Mableton starting at Veterans Memorial Highway. The project will be funded from the 2016 SPLOST Transportation Improvements Program.

This design phase of the project has an amount not to exceed $173,205.00 allocated.

Michael Owens, who lives on Buckner, and has advocated for sidewalks along that stretch, said to the Courier in a text message:

I’m very happy to hear this project is going to get underway. I’ve pushed for this because of two main reasons. One because it is a major safety concern for me and members of this community. It is a narrow two lane road with many hills and blind turns. As someone who lives here and travels this road daily, I’ve seen women pushing strollers, men with canes and more and more children walking along the white line of the road as many areas along Buckner road have no shoulder. Secondly, with the commercial growth that we continue to have along the adjoining section of Veterans Memorial, it naturally promotes more people walking to those places of business. The current patchwork of incomplete sidewalks have had pedestrians in this … walk-if-you-dare mode for awhile, so I’m  very happy to hear that the county will be providing this much needed solution. Special thanks to Commisioner Cupid who took the time to hear my concerns, as well as others, and take action.

The description of the design phase of the project is as follows:

Buckner Road Sidewalk consists of constructing curb and gutter with a five-foot wide sidewalk along the west side of Buckner Road, from Veterans Memorial Highway to Kilrush Drive (0.95 miles), and along the east side, from Veterans Memorial Highway to Rosie Lane (0.74 miles).

The total length of the project is estimated at 1.69 miles.

On May 22, 2018, the Board of Commissioners approved the 2018 Master Task Order Contracts.

Southeastern Engineering, Inc., was approved as a consultant for Highway Design: Roadway, Bridge, Surveying, and Geotechnical services.

Project No. X2766-TO#01 to the 2018 Master Task Order Contract with Southeastern Engineering, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $173,205.00, is requested for engineering design of Buckner Road Sidewalk.

>> Read the approved proposal here.