Cobb 911 dispatcher detective work leads to arrest

Marietta police carMarietta Police Car (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Cobb Communications director Ross Cavitt posted a video of a cool-headed 911 dispatcher who pieced together cryptic hints provided by a fast-thinking Uber driver who was allegedly threatened by a passenger.  The information the dispatcher got by walking the woman through her situation led to the arrest  of Omari Coulthurst by the Marietta Police Department, on suspicion of terroristic threats and simple battery.

The incident happened on Tuesday March 26, just before 11 p.m.

The alleged victim phoned 911 and hung up the phone.  Dispatcher Desmond Harris called the number back, and the following conversation ensued.

Caller: “Hello.”


Harris: “Yes, this in 9-1-1.  We received a call from your phone.  Do you have an emergency?”

Caller: “Yes. So I can go shopping tomorrow.”

Harris: “Hello?”

At that point Harris realized “… something wasn’t right.”

Caller: “Did you hear me?  I can go shopping  tomorrow with you.  I have, uh, someone in my Uber car right now. I can’t really be on the phone.”

Harris: “Okay, what street are you going on, ma’am?”

Caller: “Uh, North Marietta.”

Harris: “Okay, near where?  Where are you passing by?”

Caller: “Uhhh … Whitlock.”

Harris: “Okay, are you not able to speak because of your Uber fare?”

Caller: “Yes.”

Harris: “Did they make any threats toward you?”

Caller: “Yes.”

Harris: “Okay, you’re doing great.  Alright? Are you in a sedan, an SUV or a pickup truck?”

Caller: “Oh no, tomorrow I can bring my Tundra because it has the pink lights on the rims.  It is so cool. So tomorrow do you want to meet me.  I’m just passing the Firehouse (Subs).”

Harris: “Okay, you’re doing great.  Alright?”

Caller: “I need help. I’m not calling for backup, I’m getting the (bleeped out) out of this car, I’m out running.”

Harris said he heard her open the door.  Marietta police arrived on the scene and took the passenger, Coulthurst, into custody.  He is now in the Cobb County jail, charged with terroristic threats and acts, simple battery, and theft by taking.

Watch the full video and interview with Harris on Cobb County’s Facebook Page.