Kennesaw All-Star Day Camp starts next week

Kennesaw day camp (photo courtesy of the City of Kennesaw)Kennesaw day camp (photo courtesy of the City of Kennesaw)

Kennesaw All-Star Summer Day Camp will begin on next Tuesday, May 28 and run through July 26, at the Ben Robertson Community Center at 2753 Watts Drive in the City of Kennesaw.

According to a press release from the City of Kennesaw, “Camp hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Early care is available from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., and extended care is available from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.”

The nine-week day camp has a different theme every week, and is is open to ages six to 12.

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Kennesaw day camp weekly themes

The themes are as follows.

All descriptive quotes are from the Kennesaw Parks and Recreation website:

Week 1: Georgia On My Mind 5/28-5/31

“Georgia on My Mind week will give your child an opportunity to explore their own home state of Georgia. We will take campers on a tour inside the classroom and out that exposes them to Georgia sights, sounds, food, facts and fun oddities. This week campers will visit Kennesaw Mountain for a field trip.”

Week 2: Camps Got Talent 6/3-6/7

“Camps Got Talent week will allow your child to shine like a super star! Throughout the week we will host fun and friendly auditions. After “casting” and rehearsals, we will showcase our talent show at the end of the week!”

Week 3: Wind & Sea 6/10-6/14

“Wind and Sea week is a water themed week. Your child will make a splash during this wet and wild week of camp!  Campers will stay cool in the summer heat enjoying various water activities that may include water balloons, bucket relays and water slides.”

Week 4: Artful Antics 6/17-6/21

“Artful Antics week will bring out your child’s artistic side. Campers will create art and craft projects that allow their imaginations to run wild!”

Week 5: Fear Factor 6/24-6/28

“Fear Factor week gives your child an opportunity to face their fears as they engage in fun-themed competitions and challenges. Kids love the silly and wacky games that may include eating candy bugs and making slime!”

Week 6: Time Traveler 7/1-7/5 (no camp 7/3 or 7/4)

“Time Traveler week will have your child exploring all the different decades in history. History will come alive through camp games, stories, arts and crafts.”

Week 7: Water Water Everywhere 7/8-7/12

“Water Water Everywhere is our second water week. Due to kid’s popular demand, we bring fun water games back one more time. Bring your towels this week as we promise a wet and wild week of fun!”

Week 8: Animal Planet 7/15-7/19

“Animal Planet week allows your child to step into the pages of National Geographic as they explore and learn about animals from all over the world. Stories, games, arts and crafts will give them a broader knowledge of our planet’s diverse animal kingdom.”

Week 9: Super Hero 7/22-7/26

“Super Hero week will be filled with imagination! Your child will step into a Comic Book Universe where superheroes and super villains battle for the fate of the world! Start your life as a costumed adventurer! Develop your superpowers and train to safely use them.”