Marietta “Grandfather figure” convicted of child molestation

photo of Cobb Superior Court building from the front with a blue sky with clouds in the background

Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes announced in a press release that a Marietta man described by his victim as a grandfather figure was convicted of child molestation.

The trial took place in the courtroom of Superior Court Judge Reuben M. Green.

The press release states:

On Friday, a Cobb jury convicted Gary Charles Hufstetler Sr., now 70, of molesting a girl over several years, beginning when she was six years old and continuing until she was 11. The victim said she considered Hufstetler a grandfather, although they were never related. The defendant began the abuse with seemingly unintentional touches as she watched Popeye cartoons, and the abuse progressed over time. The victim did not tell anyone for fear of how it would affect her family until a triggering event occurred that caused her to tell her therapist and then Cobb Police.


Hufstetler had been previously investigated for allegations of molestation of other children within the same family, but no charges had been filed as a result of those investigations.

Hufstetler met the children through his relationship with his long-time live-in girlfriend.

Judge Green sentenced Hufstetler to 20 years, with eight years to serve in custody and the rest on probation.