Powder Springs participates in Georgia Hospital Association “Mask Up” campaign

Mask up Georgia (photo courtesy of the City of Powder Springs)Mask up Georgia (photo courtesy of the City of Powder Springs)

The City of Powder Springs, in an effort to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the city and in Georgia, is promoting the Georgia Hospital Association‘s #MaskUpGA (Mask up Georgia) campaign.

The following was tweeted on the Powder Springs Twitter account.

The city issued the following press release that describes what Powder Springs is doing to help with the effort:

The City of Powder Springs is showing off its residents, staff and elected officials in their face coverings of choice in its effort to promote the Georgia Hospital Association’s #MaskUpGA campaign.

The GHA’s effort is to encourage all Georgians to make the choice to wear face coverings when in public settings and to social distance when possible to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19 in our state.

Organizations, businesses, and individuals are asked to post on social media pictures or videos of themselves wearing masks, accompanying these posts with the hashtags #MaskUpGA and #MaskUpPS along with a message about why they choose to “mask up.”

“Like seatbelts and child car seats, wearing a mask is a public safety solution that will help ensure everyone’s wellbeing by stopping the spread of COVID-19,” the GHA says in a statement promoting the campaign.

Across its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, the City of Powder Springs will be sharing photos of individuals wearing masks.

Citizens are welcome to respond to these social media posts with their own photos in addition to posting on their own individual accounts using the #MaskUpGA and #MaskUpPS hashtags.

City residents can also send their photos, their name and their “why” for wearing a mask to the city’s communications consultant, Jon Gargis, at jg@gargisconsulting.com for possible posting on Powder Springs’ social media.

Finally, here’s a tweet from the Georgia Hospital Association:

To learn more about the people and organizations promoting this community health campaign, visit the #MaskUpGA hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.