Update on Cobb primary run-off

absentee ballot drop boxBallot drop at the South Cobb Government Center (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Results for the 2020 Cobb primary and non-partisan election run-off won’t be certified until Thursday August 20, and mail-in absentee ballots are still being counted, but at some point this afternoon all ballots except for 52 provisional ballots are expected to be counted and updated on the election results website.

The results posted on the Cobb Board of Elections and Registration website are the count as of 11:59 election night.

Janine Eveler, the Director of Cobb County Elections & Registration, wrote the Courier in an email, “We have about 600 ballots that were received in the drop boxes last night. We plan to finish those today. We have 52 Provisionals that will upload Friday.”

>> Visit this page to see the latest count.


The majority of the run-off elections are very close.

In the House District 35 Democratic race Kyle Rinaudo is currently ahead with 1,284 votes to Lisa Campbell’s 1,100. so 184 votes separates them.

In the Democratic race for Clerk of Superior Court, Connie Taylor has built a substantial lead over her opponent Nancy Syrop, at 17,882 to 10,626. The winner in this contest will face incumbent Republican Rebecca Keaton in November.

Cobb Board of Commissioners District 2 Republican candidate Fitz Johnson leads Andy Smith 4,853 to 4,770 in another close race, a margin of 83 votes. The winner of this race will face Democratic candidate Jerica Richardson in November. The race will fill the seat vacated by incumbent Republican Bob Ott.

In the Commission District 4 Democratic run-off Monique Sheffield leads her opponent Shelia Edwards 5,047 to 4,826 for a margin of 211 votes.

The nonpartisan judicial race for Cobb County Superior Court has a wider margin for the two candidates. Jason Marbutt has 30.356 votes as of the last update, and Gregory “Greg” Shenton has 24.026.

Finally in the race for State Court Judge for Post 6, Diana Simmons has 27,805 votes to Tina Griffiths at 26,371.