Campbell loses to Newnan High in their last game of the season

Campbell High School stadium in article about Newnan gameCampbell High School stadium

By Sudha Gururaj

On Friday night, Campbell High School football (2-8) ended their season with a loss to Newnan High School (9-0).

Campbell lost to Newnan 34-6.

Campbell battled in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Newnan’s 27-point lead. 

Newnan got off to a good start, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter,  making the score 0-13.

The extra point was missed on the second touchdown.

With 10:03 left in the second quarter, Newnan got another touchdown making the score 0-20. Campbell charged down the field within touchdown range, but Newnan intercepted a pass right out of the end zone with 6:22 left in the 2nd quarter.

With 17 seconds left in the second quarter, Newnan finished out the half strong with another touchdown making the score 0-27.

In the 2nd half Campbell put on a better performance with a touchdown with 4:12 left in the quarter, with the extra point missed, making the score 7-27. Lastly, Newnan finished the game with another touchdown, with 8:30 left in the final quarter.

The defeat was a tough way to go out at the end of the season, but Campbell fought hard the entire time. 

“They’re a really really good football team, they are ranked in the top 10 in the state and are undefeated, and I honestly think our kids did really well tonight considering, you know, all the circumstances we had,” said Coach Howie on the game.

The defense had a tough job going up against a top ranked newnan offence. They struggled a few times, but all in all they did decently against a great team like Newnan.

Some defensive players who did well were Kaeto Nwosisi, Christian Hughes, Luc Louissaint, and Jeremiah Thorpe. They all tied for the most amount of tackles for Campbell players which was five.

Kenny Nwosisi and Christian Hughes each had a sack in the game, and Nwosisi scored the only touchdown for Campbell.

    The scoreline looked all very one sided the whole time, but Campbell had some moments that they could’ve capitalized on. For instance, a pass was made to the end zone but was intercepted. The only touchdown came from defensive player Kenny Nwosisi. The Spartans had to go up against a good defense that keeps their opponents scoring to a minimum.

“Well I think the defense played well. The offense put them in a couple of bad spots, but I thought the offense moved the ball very well. Considering, you know, we trade films with other teams and our offense moved the ball as well as anybody they played this year,” said Coach Howie on the Teams’ offense.

 Another surprising point in the game was when freshman quarterback Luke Marble was put into the game. Mark Anthony Swain is a senior, so this was his last season of football for the Spartans. Mark Anthony Swain has been a crucial part of the team all season long. He was taken out in the first half of the game, and Luke Marble was put in.

“Marble’s gonna have a great career, if he keeps doing what he’s doing now and keeps improving and gets bigger, he could be very good,” said Coach Howie, when he was asked how the next three years are going to look like without Swain.

 With the season ended, there are many improvements that have been made this year. Even though only winning two games out of the season doesn’t seem big, it is a huge leap from the previous season, where Campbell went on a season losing streak.

“Well I think there is a process, a learning curve of how to win. And when you’re at a school that hasn’t won in a long time, it takes a while to get that learning curve.”

Sudha Gururaj is a student at Campbell High School and an aspiring sports reporter.