David Roby and abstract realism in painting

A painting of a Black child asleep on a rolling office chairThe Chair by David Roby (used with the artist's permission)

Since the 1960’s, Abstract Realism has combined two different forms into a perfect marriage.

Abstract art brings the colors, lines, shapes and texture. Realism shows the emotion in real life objects.

So allow me to introduce you to the beauty of art, for we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Abstract Realism exhibits expression of our thoughts. It’s about our experience with the world, using colors and shapes to capture the viewer’s eyes.

It symbolizes the mood of calmness in our minds, spirits and our souls. It sets the tone for our feelings, cultures, tradition and religion.

San Juan Sunset by David Roby (used with his permission)

Art brings harmony, a universal language of conversation, as it brings joy, laughter, sadness and love- most of all peace.

David Roby explores the world with Abstract Realism, combining them with shapes and realistic movement. Roby is a self taught and award-winning artist.


Roby has won numerous awards, including one from the The National Art Program through Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and from the South Cobb Arts Alliance (SCAA) where he is also a member.

David expresses how his love for abstract and realism has established him in the art world.

“I’m a visual artist who has been painting realistic portraits for decades, and only recently decided that I wanted to focus on a more personal and playful approach to creating,” Roby said. “I love the freedom and the fun of just slinging the paint on a canvas. My abstracts are a series of studies exploring varying scales of patterns and shapes. I look for shapes and forms that catch my eye, and there are no set rules to painting an abstract, so gradually my work is transitioning  to freelance art using painting and texture as my medium.”

Art is the truest feeling of ourselves and the story we want to tell, whether with a paint brush, palette knives, hand movement or other objects we use to bring life to a canvas.

Each piece tells it’s story as we tell our own.

A native of South Carolina. Now resides in Austell, Georgia.  An award winning visual  artist and Author of Food for the Soul a inspiration book of  poetry. My hobbies are reading, writing, painting and meeting people — Wendy Jackson