The Cobb County Courier has launched a new free daily newsletter

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The Cobb County Courier has launched a new free daily newsletter.

To subscribe just follow this link.

The newsletter pulls the title and the first paragraph from each article we’ve published over the past 24 hours. That way you at least get a quick summary of every article we’ve run.

At the moment the newsletter goes out at 8 p.m. ET. I might change that and try out other distribution times, but for now I’ll leave it where it’s set.


If at any point you decide to unsubscribe to the newsletter, there’s a link at the bottom to do that, so it’s a painless process.

I decided to migrate to a daily newsletter for a couple of reasons.

One is that automating a daily newsletter has become relatively easy. There are templates that will pull summary information from the site automatically. All I have to do is write a new brief introduction sometime before the emails go out, and my mailing list service does the rest. This happens through RSS (Really Simple Syndication). RSS has been around for a long time, but recent mailing list software makes it really easy to make good use of it.

The other reason is that a weekly newsletter doesn’t let readers know everything we’ve published during the week. This way readers see the titles of everything we’ve published, and can decide what is most interesting. With the weekly newsletter, I was making the decision of what to highlight. This puts the choice in the hands of the reader.

While I’m building the readership for the daily newsletter, I’ll keep the old one running, but eventually I’ll retire it, and focus entirely on the daily edition.

You can subscribe to the daily newsletter by following this link.


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