Renters Month of Action to take place in September

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Monica DeLancy, a prominent Cobb County renter’s rights advocate and the founder and director of We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association issued the following press release about a Renters Month of Action:

In the United States there are 43 Million housing units being rented. Of those 43 million, young adults make up the most of this demographic, according to the United Center for Housing Studies by Harvard University, however Black and Hispanic renters face the greatest threat of eviction and homelessness. This number, in the wake of what is looming as those renters protected by the moratorium enter its last month, draws major concerns for activists, influencers and community stakeholders. 

“These evictions have been an all out attack on not only the most vulnerable of this society but also the most significant- future,” proclaims Monica DeLancy, Director of We Thrive Riverside that provides support for families through resources and assistance in Austell, Georgia. “The same people that are being evicted teach children, deliver or serve food and yes even clean hospitals and facilities. These are the very people that are being told what they do is not sufficient to afford them a safe space to live!”

This fact  DeLancy says, was a call to action to take Renter’s Rights from a week to all month long. 


Traditionally Renter’s Rights brought attention to the disparity and reality of the impact of renters. DeLancy and others insist this is not enough. Every day of September, instead, is dedicated to educate, empower and inspire a Renter’s Rights Revolution.

“Rent is Racism,” proclaims Palmetto Star, influencer and organizer  “The numbers show this. Black people are disproportionately paying the most rent and especially in gentrified neighborhoods. Bringing awareness to this is not just a once a year, once a week task. Everyday this awareness needs to be up front and bold.” 

Events for the month include Renter’s Resource Connection Pop Up Day September 2, Social Media Swarm Day September 6 and September 19 Why We Vote takes things virtually for those that may not be able to participate in person. This option is becoming more favorable, especially for those currently facing displacement.  Also there will be a Youth leadership summit September 29th and  September 30th

“Being evicted is not something that you celebrate,” says recently eviction victim grandmother Natacha Martin “However there comes a time where your voice in the background is simply not enough” 

“The ask is simple,” states DeLancy “Renter’s drive economy and power our labor force so we want to be respected as such!”

To take part of any of the events or to access the full calendar for Renters Month of Action , please see Monica DeLancy 770-369-6531