Marjorie Taylor Greene calls on all Republicans to leave Twitter

sock puppet with tin foil hatSock puppet with tin foil hat

In a call to action certain to spark cheers among Democrats, assuming others in the GOP follow her lead, Marjorie Taylor Greene called on her fellow Republicans to leave Twitter en masse.

She posted the following not-at-all-batshit-crazy message on Telegram, under the image of a red Twitter logo with a hammer and sickle emblazoned on it:

I’m calling on every Republican to LEAVE Twitter!

The truth is under attack and so are our Republican Conservative values.


Twitter has censored millions of Conservative Americans for too long now without any restraint.

Real Congressional action is not possible anytime soon.

Twitter needs to learn a lesson.

Do NOT violate Free Speech rights guaranteed to Americans and do NOT act as an aggressor toward elected officials.

Twitter is a danger to us all by deeming itself the judge of speech on its platform.

It’s time to end their abuse of power they were never given.

Leave Twitter NOW!!!

Greene has been very active on Telegram since her account was permanently suspended from Twitter for COVID misinformation.

In a previous message she stated that “Censorship is dangerous and unconstitutional …” Twitter is a private company, and the First Amendment has no bearing on its right to police its own platform. The First Amendment protects speech from interference from the government and does not apply to social media companies, which are private corporations with their own terms of service.

In that same message, she said, “Americans must leave Twitter now!”

Former President Donald Trump issued a similar call for his supporters to leave Facebook and Twitter soon after Greene was given a 24-hour suspension by Facebook.

“Everybody should drop off Twitter and Facebook,” he wrote.

Trump is permanently suspended from both Twitter and Facebook for posting misinformation about the 2020 election in which he was defeated by President Joe Biden.

Assuming that the new Jim Crow redistricting map passed by the Georgia legislature goes into effect, Greene will be the representative for heavily Democratic Austell and Powder Springs here in Cobb County.