Morning COVID update for Cobb County: New Years Day

an electron microscope view of the virus that caused COVID. a circular area dotted with round spotsThin section electron microscopic image of SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19. Spherical virus particles contain black dots, which are cross-sections through the viral nucleocapsid. In the cytoplasm of the infected cell, clusters of particles are found within the membrane-bound cisternae of the rough endoplasmic reticulum/Golgi area. Photo credit: Cynthia S Goldsmith and Azaibi Tamin; CDC

Here’s our update report on COVID in Georgia and in Cobb County for New Years Day.

The CDC County View Data Tracker, which gives possibly the most succinct and user-friendly view of COVID-19 numbers at the county level will not update over the weekend, and will resume on January 3, 2022.

Also, the Daily Status Report from the Georgia Department of Public Health, which gives the most comprehensive look at Georgia’s COVID status, does not update on weekends.

So we’ll do a recap of the week.

As of yesterday, December 31, 2021, the statewide numbers for Georgia since the pandemic began, reported on the Georgia Department of Public Health Daily Status Report were as follows:

Confirmed cases: 1,420,034

Confirmed deaths: 26,425

Hospitalizations: 94,879

ICU admissions: 14,367

Antigen positive cases: 419,845 (According to the GDPH, “This number represents individuals with a positive antigen test. Only antigen test results are used in identifying these cases. These test results are reported through multiple sources including electronic lab reporting (ELR), State Electronic Notifiable Disease Surveillance System (SendSS), faxed case reports and calls from providers to DPH.”

Probable deaths: 5,018 (According to the GDPH, “This number includes individuals who are antigen positive or individuals with compatible illness and known close contact to a case that were either reported to DPH as deceased by healthcare providers or medical examiners/coroners, identified by death certificates with COVID-19 indicated as the cause of death, or there is evidence that COVID contributed to the individual’s death OR individuals with a death certificate that has COVID-19 indicated as the cause of death and there is no laboratory evidence for SARS-CoV-2.”

Statewide confirmed cases by race and gender (since the pandemic began):

RaceTotal CasesFemale CasesMale Cases
African-American/ Black430,256250,709179,047
Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander1,725886832
American Indian/ Alaska Native1,321737584

Cobb County numbers as of December 31

The Daily Status Report gives the following numbers for Cobb County:

Total Cases (since the pandemic began): 100,598

Cases per 100,000 (since the pandemic began): 12,724

Cases over the past 14 days: 11,902

Cases per 100,000 over the past 14 days: 1,505

Total deaths (since the pandemic began) : 1,350

Deaths per 100,000 (since the pandemic began) : 1,350: 170.8

Hospitalizations (since the pandemic began): 4,399