Cobb police request new record management system, additional funding and phased build-out for new Precinct 6

Cobb County Police car

At their meeting this evening, Tuesday June 28, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners will hear a request from Cobb Chief of Police Stuart VanHoozer, Sheriff Craig Owens, Public Safety Director Randy Crider, and Chief Information Officer Kimberly Lemley to start the process of replacing the aging Records Management System used by the Cobb County Police Department and Cobb County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the request the existing system is about 16 years old, is outdated, with both technical and practical issues, and the current vendor cannot upgrade the system.

The letter submitted to Cobb County Manager Dr. Jackie McMorris states:

The Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office are working cooperatively to obtain a new, versatile, and fully functioning RMS for both agencies, to serve current and future needs. Both the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office would use a base RMS system with various customizable options to fit the needs of each agency.

The Department requests authorization to issue a Request for Proposals to solicit proposals for a new Records Management System (RMS) utilizing Selection Process 2 (Competitive Proposals).

Precinct 6

Also on the agenda are proposed changes to the construction of Cobb County’s new police Precinct 6 in northeast Cobb. The amount originally budgeted was not sufficient to complete the project, so the county’s Property Management department has submitted a plan for a phased build-out while sources of funding to complete the project can be identified.

According to the item in the agenda packet:

The project to construct Police Precinct 6 in North East Cobb was approved by the citizens in the 2016

On June 22, 2021, the County procured Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects Inc, in the amount of $40,495.98, to provide architectural bridging documents for the project. Additionally, engineering, survey and signage services have been procured in the amount of $36,120.00.

On November 9, 2021, the Board of Commissioners approved the initial stage of a two-part contract with Batson-Cook Company (Batson-Cook), which included design costs of $188,480.00, project fee costs of $134,500.00 and project general conditions costs of $401,000.00 for a combined total not to exceed $723,980.00.

Due to currently elevated construction costs, budgeted funding is insufficient to complete build-out of the entire facility as designed.

In consideration of this, it was concluded by Cobb Police and Property Management staff
to finish the project in phases, with initial phase to include building exterior, front office spaces, and
community room area, while providing space for on-site equipment access. When additional funding is
identified, continuation of the project will be revisited at that time.