Kennesaw recycling services on the line due to cost under proposed contract

Brick Kennesaw government building with four tall wooden columns

By Rebecca Gaunt

Kennesaw City Council will vote next week on a new contract with BFI Waste Services to continue sanitation services by Republic, but a hike in price may mean less bang for the buck.

The city put out a request for proposals, but despite initial interest from three companies, BFI was the sole bidder.

Ricky Stewart, director of public works, recommended during Monday’s work session that the city continue with weekly garbage and green waste collection, and transport of materials from the Moon Station Road glass recycling center.


He recommended against continuing with curbside recycling as it would incur an additional $5.75 monthly per household on top of the proposed monthly $26 rate. Residents currently pay $22 per month for household waste, green waste and recycling.

“That $5.75 is not per customer who chooses to recycle. That is for every customer we have regardless of their participation,” Stewart said.

Councilman Antonio Jones asked about allowing other companies into the city, with assigned zones, similar to a controversial proposal in Cobb County, Currently, residents of unincorporated Cobb can choose from any provider that services their area.

Stewart said they had considered that but there were many logistical challenges to the city working with multiple contracts.

“The question really is is it $26 a month or $32 to have the recycling program because think about it. One person bid on it. You’re talking about four different service providers. They had an opportunity to bid and only one stepped up to the plate,” said Mayor Derek Easterling.

Easterling said he’d received emails in support of recycling, as well as emails from citizens concerned they couldn’t afford a cost increase.

Currently the city has 10,385 residential sanitation customers.

Councilman Pat Ferris requested Stewart look into how many customers actively recycle before next week’s vote.

The new contract would start Oct. 1. Customers would receive bills that reflect any price changes in November.

Councilwoman Tracey Viars asked about the possibility of a recycling dropoff like the city provides for glass, but Stewart warned that the cost of having it hauled, as well as monitoring the dump site, would still result in additional costs for customers.

Due to Labor Day, next week’s meeting will be held Tuesday Sep. 6 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers. Meetings are also streamed live on the City of Kennesaw Facebook page.


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