Danya Trent appointed site lead for Lockheed Martin Greenville facility

headshot photo of Danya TrentDanya Trent (photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin)

Lockheed Martin announced in a press release that Danya Trent, vice president of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ F-16 Programs, will now also serve as site lead of the company’s Greenville, South Carolina plant.

In addition to leading the F-16 program at the facility, Trent will according to the press release be responsible for “the strategic direction, performance and growth of the Greenville operation.”

The release describes the role of the Greenville site as follows:

As the global home of the F-16, the Greenville site continues to ramp up F-16 production and is planning to deliver the first Block 70 jet to Bahrain in the first half of 2023. The team also provides sustainment support to the F-16 platform, as well as other platforms, such as the Lockheed Martin C-130.

“I am honored to be a part of the highly skilled and talented Greenville team of more than 1,000 employees who provide critical capabilities to the warfighter,” said Trent. “The future of our Greenville site is bright, and I am excited for all that we will continue to do to help our customers stay ahead of ready.”

Trent has been with Lockheed Martin for 21 years. At the company she has served as vice president of Lunar Exploration Campaigns, vice president of Program Management at Lockheed Martin Space and director of the Integrated Fighter Group (IFG)’s portfolio in the Southwest Asia, Middle East and North Africa (SAMENA) Region for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

To read the complete press release, follow this link to the Lockheed Martin website.

Lockheed Martin and Cobb County

The Lockheed Martin facility in Marietta has been a major employer in Cobb County since 1951, when the Lockheed Corporation, a predecessor of Lockheed Martin, took over the former site of the WWII Bell Bomber plant.

The C-130 program is the largest program operating at the Marietta facility. The plant currently produces the C-130J Super Hercules (see the company’s Fast Facts on the C-130J or the company’s C-30J brochure for more information).

The Marietta plant also provides ongoing support for the C-5 Galaxy, which celebrated its 50th year in operation in 2018. The C-5 Galaxy is expected to remain in service until 2045.

The Marietta location also supports the P-3 Orion, and manufactures the center wings for the F-35.