Marietta Tree Keepers announce their free Tea ‘n Trees Stroll

A large tree to the left of frame, surrounded by green undergrowth

For all you nature and conservation enthusiasts, or for Cobb residents who just like walking around the City of Marietta, the Marietta Tree Keepers will hold an event you’ll enjoy.

And best of all, it’s free of charge.

The following announcement of the event was posted to the Marietta website:

“Marietta Tree Keepers will hold a Tea ‘n Trees Stroll on Friday, October 14th, 2022 at 5:30pm. The location is at First United Methodist Church Park Area. The address is 56 Whitlock Ave. Marietta, GA, 30064. This event is open to the Public and at no cost.

“Take a leisurely stroll along the Environmental Loop with Marietta Tree Keeper’s certified arborists to learn about native trees & their uses & problems in our domesticated landscapes. Try to stump our experts with questions about your trees.

“Enjoy Iced tea & snacks before & after the walk. Parking will be available behind the church near the park area. Look for our sign-in table in the park area. For more information and weather updates call 770.424.4664 or email at

“The event will be rescheduled if bad weather occurs.”

About the Marietta Tree Keepers

The Marietta Tree Keepers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization. It plants, preserves and protects trees in and around the City of Marietta.

The mission of the Marietta Tree Keepers is described on its website as follows

“Our main strategy is to educate the public about trees; their selection, planting, watering and maintenance.

“We help them to understand the importance of our abundant great trees, which we are fortunate to have in this 180 year old community.

“Where once these trees were cleared for farming, now they are once again threatened by development and road construction.

“We emphasize the many benefits that trees have for our community such as: reducing air and noise pollution, cooling the air, conserving energy and helping to manage our precious water resources, reducing soil erosion, enhancing wildlife habitat and greenspace, not to mention raising property values.”