Letter to the Editor: “… animal studies remain critically important”

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Contrary to the numerous claims made by  Evelyn Wagaman of PETA,  animal studies remain critically important when it comes to saving human and animal lives and improving the health of a wide variety of species. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the experts at the National Institutes of Health, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association, all of which support the need for research in animals. We could keep going. The list literally goes on and on and on.     

Furthermore, the “statistic” she provides about the success of animal studies is incredibly misleading. She claims it came from the National Institutes of Health. However the webpage she provides as “proof” is not. It never even references animal research because the development of new therapies relies on a wide variety of methods including both animal and non-animal studies. We encourage PETA to contact the NIH to set the record straight once and for all.   


When it comes to matters of health, life and death, Americans should pay attention to the health experts. 

Paula Clifford, MLA, RLATG, CVT

Executive Director 

Americans for Medical Progress 

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