Marietta man sentenced to life for aggravated sodomy

Cobb Superior Court with Cobb County Courier logo

Travis Leonard Hudson, 50, of Marietta, was sentenced to life in prison by Cobb County Superior Court Judge Mary Staley on November 28, 2022.

Hudson was convicted of Aggravated Sodomy by a Cobb County jury in a trial that lasted from November 14 – 18.

Georgia’s criminal code describes Aggravate Sodomy as follows:

“A person commits the offense of aggravated sodomy when he or she commits sodomy with force and against the will of the other person or when he or she commits sodomy with a person who is less than ten years of age. The fact that the person allegedly sodomized is the spouse of a defendant shall not be a defense to a charge of aggravated sodomy.”


A public information release from the office of Cobb District Attorney Flynn Broady, Jr, described the incident leading up to the arrest and conviction as follows;

“On the night of March 12, 2021, Hudson had a female acquaintance visiting him at his apartment. The female victim woke up to Hudson sexually assaulting her. The female victim reported the assault to law enforcement. The case was investigated by Cobb County Police Department’s Crimes Against Persons Unit. The defendant was subsequently arrested on June 9, 2021.”

“During the trial, Assistant District Attorney Sarah Hilleren presented the testimony of law enforcement, the victim, medical professionals, and other evidence. The District Attorney trial team included Assistant District Attorney Sarah Hilleren, Assistant District Attorney Dallas Cox, Investigator C. Burkes, Victim Advocate Deidre Atkins, and Legal Administrative Assistant Dawn Carter.”

Hudson was represented by Marietta attorney Ashleigh Merchant.

After the sentencing District Attorney Broady stated, “This defendant committed a heinous act for which he deservedly is being held accountable. This sentence ensures he will no longer be a threat to Cobb County.”