MUST Ministries annual dance competition fundraiser coming up July 22

A graphic of a couple doing swing dance

MUST Ministries, an important organization in Cobb County that takes steps to alleviate poverty and homelessness announced its annual fundraising dance competition.

The organization distributed the following press release with the details:

“Join Us for MUST Dance: An Evening of Inspiration, Entertainment and Making a Difference!

“We are so excited to share an incredible opportunity with you: MUST Dance, our annual fundraising event that combines the art of dance with the power of giving. As a valued supporter of MUST Ministries, we invite you to be part of this extraordinary evening on Saturday, July 22.

“MUST Dance is not just a dance competition—it’s an event that celebrates compassion, community and the transformational impact we can make together. By attending MUST Dance, you will not only enjoy a captivating showcase of talent but also directly contribute to our mission of ending poverty in our community. Every ticket purchase goes right back into funding crucial programs and services that uplift those in need.

“We invite you to secure your tickets today and reserve your spot at MUST Dance. Visit to secure your seat for this unforgettable evening.

“We look forward to celebrating MUST Dance with you and experiencing the magic of dance while making a profound difference. Together, we can create a future where poverty is overcome, opportunities abound and lives are transformed.

“Thank you for your unwavering support!”

About MUST Ministries

MUST Ministries is a prominent nonprofit organization headquartered in Marietta.

The main location is at 1407 Cobb Pkwy N, Marietta, GA 30062, with a client services location in Smyrna at 460 Pat Mell Rd SE, Smyrna, GA 30080.

The organization has been  actively combating poverty and homelessness within the community. 

Their efforts include a comprehensive range of essential services aimed at addressing the needs of those in crisis. 

These services include emergency shelter provisions, food assistance programs, employment initiatives, and access to critical medical aid. Through their expansive network of community shelters, food pantries, and education centers, MUST Ministries has been widely recognized as making a significant impact by providing invaluable support and resources to individuals and families facing dire circumstances. 

Their dedicated approach continues to foster positive change and restore hope to the residents of Marietta and surrounding areas.