Electric utility companies award grants to We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association

Children hold up sign stating "Have a thriving school year" and "we support National Night Out"Photo courtesy of Monica DeLancy

Greystone Power, Georgia Power and Cobb EMC have all issued grants recently to We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association, a renter’s rights advocacy group headquartered in Mableton.

Monica DeLancy, the founder and president of the organization issued the following press release:


Community organizations are relied upon to be the spark to ignite change. Such is true for We Thrive Riverside, and their work once again has been recognized and rewarded with a grant to recharge the group’s fall plans.

Greystone Power  non-profit awarded We Thrive on Riverside Renters Association with a $4,000 grant to support fall activities and workshops including tutoring and parent leadership. The grant will also help support fall bowling club for youth that reside in the Riverside/Mableton community.  

Consistent support keeps We Thrive not only revved up for the changes and challenges the residents and neighbors of Riverside face but also encouraged to continue to lead the efforts of education and engagement.  

This past summer Georgia Power awarded We Thrive with a $3000 grant to support their National Night Out Against Crime Event. The event featured movies on the green, ice-cold treats from the ice cream truck and summer treats. NNO event welcomed public safety departments Cobb County Sheriff Department, Cobb County Police Department, Cobb County community affairs department, Cobb County Fire Department and residents from the community. The event was held on the property of Residence of Riverside apartments. Thank you to Georgia State Representative Terry Cummings and Public Service Commissioner democrat nominee Shelia Edwards for attending the event.

“Cobb  EMC  Foundation awarded $1500 to We Thrive to support , renters advocacy workshops and youth activities. This is a group effort and victory belongs to the community that unites and remains resilient through it all, we all must do our part.”

Though Monica DeLancy, Executive Director, shares she appreciates the generosity and the awareness of the impact of We Thrive’s work, she expresses community support is contagious and the contributions from one source cannot solely keep the ‘lights on’ in the house of service.  We Thrive on Riverside Renters Association headquarters is located in the Riverside parkway in the city of Mableton, however services are provided to anyone as it pertains renters advocacy and parent leadership.

We Thrive on Riverside Renters Association’s mission is to serve and advocate for everyone as it pertains to housing, education and healthcare. Renters in some parts of Cobb County are the majority and pay more than 50 percent of their income on rent. Communities with the highest transient rates are impacted the most in their schools and neighborhood coalitions. By building strong partnerships with renters, communities creates strong community ties which leads to better performing schools, safer and healthier communities. Communities thrive when everyone works together.www.wethriverenters.com