Powder Springs police give new info on arrest of carjacking suspects

Powder Springs police SUV in front of brick clothing store

The Powder Springs Police Department issued further information about the pursuit and arrest of carjacking suspects that also resulted in a police lieutenant’s involvement in a three-vehicle pileup. [Read the original article published in the Courier by following this link]

This information is from two posts from the Powder Springs Police Department Facebook page.

Chief of Police Lane Caldwell posted the following press release:

On December 26, 2023, at approximately 1500 hours, license plate readers installed in Powder Springs registered a hit on a carjacked motor vehicle. The vehicle had been carjacked in Clayton County and was presently in the city limits of Powder Springs. Officers responded to the area and located the vehicle near Old Lost Mountain Road. A stop was attempted and the vehicle refused to stop. A pursuit was initiated.


While this was occurring, a Powder Springs police officer was responding to the area to assist in the pursuit. While attempting to navigate the intersection of Richard D Sailors Parkway and New Macland Rd, this officer was involved in an accident. The officer’s vehicle along with two other vehicles were damaged severely, which disrupted traffic near this intersection for an extended period of time. No serious injury was reported. The investigation is continuing into this accident and this investigation is being handled by Cobb County Police Department STEP.

The suspect vehicle continued to flee pulling onto Rushing Wind Ct. At the end of this dead-end road the suspect vehicle willingly left the roadway and entered the private property of a homeowner. The vehicle continued around the house and eventually became stuck in the mud in the backyard. The three occupants inside of the vehicle then exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

Officers quickly apprehended one suspect who is identified to be a juvenile 16 years of age this juvenile was in possession of a stolen firearm at the time of apprehension. He was apprehended without injury. This juvenile is currently being charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of a stolen firearm, obstruction and traffic charges stemming from the pursuit.

At approximately 1730 hours a citizen witnessed a suspicious male walking around their property and call 91. Officers responded and found another of the suspects who immediately fled. Powder Springs police officers were able to catch and apprehend the fleeing suspect without injury.

[The name of the 17-year-old suspect is being redacted by the Cobb County Courier]

At this time the third suspect remains at large and powder Springs police detectives in conjunction with Clayton County police detectives are working to identify this individual

This is still an active investigation.

Anyone with information about the identity of the third individual is asked to contact the Powder Springs Police Department at jholcombe@cityofpowdersprings.org

Anyone with information regarding the carjacking incident is encouraged to reach out to Clayton County Police Department.

Role of the Powder Springs K9s in apprehending suspects

The following was also posted to the Powder Springs Police Department Facebook Page:

What an impressive job done by all involved in this incident. But we wanted to take a second and highlight the performance of the Powder Springs K9s. Both handlers and K9 Bane were instrumental in the apprehension of two of the three carjacking suspects in yesterday’s chase.

To start, at the termination point of the chase, K9 Bane was deployed and was given the command to apprehend one of the suspects. Bane took off but quickly, a distraction appeared that would could have potentially caused Bane to strike the wrong person. Handler Reeves called back Bane who immediately responded and returned instantly to Reeves side showing amazing control and restraint!

Throughout the apprehension, Bane responded perfectly to each command given and it shows an incredibly high level of trust and respect between the K9 and his handler.

With the second suspect, K9 Handler Racine was chasing the suspect on foot and was able to tackle the suspect just as K9 Bane and Handler Reeves arrived. K9 Bane acted with impeccable professionalism and was standing ready to assist in any way possible. As soon as the offender was secured into handcuffs, Bane immediately returned to the K9 vehicle ready to continue working.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a K9 that has both drive, but also restraint. When the public see K9’s in the performance of their duty, they are often nervous about the aggression they see, but rarely does the public have a chance to see the restraint that K9’s also possess. Well done Handlers Racine and Reeves, and an excellent job K9 Bane.