Mableton MOOYAH Burgers donates nearly $10k to Cobb Schools Foundation Family Stabilization Fund

The signage at the MOOYAH Burgers restaurant in Mableton

The owners of MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, and Shakes (MOOYAH) in Mableton, Keylan and Erika Mitchell distributed the following announcement:

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, and Shakes (MOOYAH) in Mableton has donated nearly $10,000 to The Cobb Schools Foundation Family Stabilization Fund, giving students and their families impactful assistance as they receive top-notch education without the concern of barriers to their livelihood. 

From left to right — Ana Murphy, Assistant Director of Student Services, Cobb School District, Keylan Mitchell, Co-Owner, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes, Felicia Wagner, Executive Director, Cobb Schools Foundation

Owned by Keylan and Erika Mitchell, this donation marks a personal investment in the well-being of local students. Through this charitable endeavor, social workers within the district who consistently work to remove distractions in students’ lives are now fully motivated to maintain this pillar of support for local families, ensuring students are taken care of across the Cobb School District.

“MOOYAH Mableton is thrilled to support the Cobb Schools Foundation in partnership with the Keylan and Erika Mitchell Charitable Fund. We believe these funds provide crucial support to families experiencing hardships, allowing students to focus on their academics without stress,” said Keylan. “As local business owners, we are deeply invested in the health of our community, and this donation reflects our commitment to supporting the growth and prosperity of Mableton and its residents.” 


MOOYAH Mableton, a beloved locally owned restaurant, is the first and only MOOYAH location in the state of Georgia. The brand’s commitment to education aligns with Keylan’s background, having grown up in a family of educators. With the support of Keylan and Erika, their donation reflects an understanding of the urgent and specific needs that families may face. Their donation plays a vital role in providing essential support to vulnerable students, addressing after-school care, housing assistance, learning interventions and much more.

MOOYAH Mableton is also expanding upon this donation, with the restaurant offering a discount for school personnel. These efforts further reinforce their commitment to the community and serve as encouragement for other local businesses to get involved and consider supporting the Cobb Schools Foundation.

“Philanthropists like Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, who really get the educational environment, are our biggest supporters,” said Felicia Wagner, the Executive Director of the Cobb Schools Foundation. “Life can sometimes make learning more challenging, but having financial support for families in crisis can make a huge difference in how that student perceives school, as well as attendance and self-esteem, which are two primary contributors to students falling behind.” 

To learn more about the Family Stabilization Fund and MOOYAH Mableton’s commitment to supporting students, please visit The Inside Scoop. To learn more about MOOYAH in Mableton, visit and

MOOYAH Mableton location (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)


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