Upcoming public meeting for Cobb’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan

From the Cobb DFCS website

The Cobb County planning commission will be holding a public meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 04, 2017,  at 7 p.m. about the county’s 2040 comprehensive plan.  This is the long-term plan that will guide high impact planning decisions for the unincorporated areas in the county.  The following description is from the planning commission’s website:

Cobb County is updating its Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range, community designed growth strategy that will continue to make Cobb County an attractive place to invest, conduct business, and raise a family. The current plan, adopted in 2007 with subsequent annual amendments, covers the time period between 2007 and 2030. The update will extend the current plan’s growth outlook to 2040. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan, which is mandated by the State of Georgia, will help Cobb County manage expected population and employment growth and coordinate major public investments in Public Safety, Transportation, Community Facilities, and other important elements that make Cobb a great place to live, work and play.

More information about the timeline, along with the planning commission’s recommendations, specialized maps of the county, and other resources that can guide community input into this important process can be found on the web page for the 2040 comprehensive plan.