Police issue urgent alert for Cobb residents near Oakdale, Riverview, and Maner roads

Oakdale Road at Dickerson -- photo by Larry Felton JohnsonOakdale Road at Dickerson -- photo by Larry Felton Johnson

Cobb County Police Department Precinct 3 has sent an urgent alert to neighbors who live near Oakdale, Maner, and Riverview Roads regarding a month-long spike in auto thefts and thefts from autos in that area.

Major J.D. Adcock, the Precinct 3 commander wrote in a PENS (Police Email Notification System) alert that several detectives have been assigned to the case, and the affected areas are being heavily patrolled.

He said in the alert,

As the Precinct III Commander I have read a number of reports related to the thefts and have noted the following patterns:

  • In over 90% of the incidents the victim’s vehicle was left unlocked and in several cases the keys to the car were left in the vehicle
  • In a few cases the victims left their garage door open overnight which allowed for the theft
  • Residents have not routinely called 911 to report suspicious activity.

It is very important that residents take appropriate security precautions in order to prevent and discourage this pattern of criminal activity. The Cobb County Police Department recommends that citizens always lock their vehicles even when parked in their driveways. We also recommend that one never store valuables in vehicles, always ensure that their garage doors are closed when unattended and to ALWAYS call 911 anytime suspicious activity is observed.

Sergeant Dana Pierce of the Cobb police told the Cobb County Courier, “Entering autos accounts for over 50% of the crime in unincorporated Cobb County.  Other jurisdictions are finding the same.” He said that there could be a number of reasons for a spike in auto-related crimes, and that they are crimes of opportunity from the point of view of the perpetrator. “From a crime prevention standpoint, we say ‘out of sight, out of mind’.  If you take those items and put them in the trunk, or leave them at home, in theory, there’s no reason for them to enter that auto unless they want to steal (the auto itself).”

Pierce that compared to other jurisdictions auto theft in unincorporated Cobb County is low, but that one stolen car is too many.

Adcock wrote he will be happy to speak to neighborhood groups who want to discuss the thefts or to talk with residents personally.  His contact information is jeffrey.adcock@cobbcounty.org or 770-499-4501.

The affected area is on the interactive map below: