Cobb County police call community meeting to discuss spike in thefts from autos

Oakdale Road at Dickerson -- photo by Larry Felton JohnsonOakdale Road at Dickerson -- photo by Larry Felton Johnson

A community meeting to discuss the recent spike in both auto thefts and thefts from autos in the area near Oakdale, Maner, and Riverview roads will be held Monday, July 10, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. in the Precinct 3 Community Room at 1901 Cumberland Pkwy, Atlanta GA 30339.

Major J.D. Adcock, the commander of Precinct 3, said yesterday’s bulletin from PENS (Police Email Notification System) had gotten “a flood of positive responses”, and the Monday meeting was scheduled to make efficient use of time.

Adcock said, in the announcement of the meeting:

The purpose of the meeting will be to expand on the content of the PENS update posted on July 5th and to address any concerns community members may have.  Please understand that we will not be able to discuss specific operational or investigative matters as those discussions would harm our investigative efforts.

I understand that not everyone will be able to attend the meeting but am hoping the representatives of the various HOAs will be able to attend and relay information to their neighbors.  I look forward to seeing you on the 10th!


Oakdale, Maner, and Riverview roads fall with Cobb County Police Department precincts 2 and 3, and parts of the area are in the City of Smyrna.