Marietta police chief reports 12 percent reduction in crime

photo of Marietta City Hall

Marietta Police Chief Dan Flynn posted a news release today reporting that in 2018 the City of Marietta saw a 12 percent overall reduction in crime and an aggregate reduction of 35 percent over the past four years.

The Marietta Police Department attributes most of the cities crime reduction success to training our officers in advanced community policing techniques and strategic data-driven deployment of our excellent officers.  Nevertheless, a policeman’s work is never done and the department is now embarking on a new aggressive strategic plan for 2019 that will address the public safety issues that are of most concern to Marietta citizens,” Flynn wrote in the release.

He wrote in the report that the department’s priority would be preventing the following crimes from taking hold in Marietta:

  • Relatively new types of thieves that go by labels as porch pirates, door flippers, and sliders.  Thieves are thieves by any name, and we are going to do everything in our power to prevent them from targeting Marietta residents in 2019.
  • Human Trafficking in all of its ugly forms has grown exponentially by use of the internet and social media in many cities.  We are not going to allow it to target Marietta children by getting a foothold in our community.
  • Gang violence is flourishing in far too many cities in America  and we do not intend to allow Marietta to become one of them. We will work aggressively, but certainly not abusively, with our Federal, state and local task force partners to keep gangs out of our beloved city.