Powder Springs residents can vote on name for new downtown park

Powder Springs downtown park screenshot from City of Powder Springs websiteScreenshot of the artists rendering of the upcoming Powder Springs downtown park from the City of Powder Springs website

The Powder Springs City Council is asking for resident input on the naming of the new downtown park, and there are three days left to cast a vote.

An online form has a long list of names submitted by the Powder Springs community, and residents can choose as many from the list as they like.

According to the Powder Springs website: “Construction for the new park in downtown Powder Springs is currently underway. The downtown park will have an amphitheater, splash pad, outdoor seating, bicycle parking, public art and more. The park construction is expected to be completed in early 2020.”



2 Comments on "Powder Springs residents can vote on name for new downtown park"

  1. Jacqueline Smith | December 29, 2019 at 11:48 pm | Reply

    The park will have an amphitheater. It’s located three houses away from a memory care nursing home. The noise will be overwhelming for the residents. Too bad they

  2. The park has already adversely affected local businesses. It has and will continue to hurt businesses because construction took away almost all parking. Customers, especially the elderly, dont want to cross the street from a very small parking lot. It has already caused one business to shut down. None of the business owners want this park. It will do nothing to help business, only hinder it.

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