Volunteers and donations needed to help feed students affected by Cobb County school closures

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One of the problems associated with the school closures in Cobb County brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is that many low-income students depend on school lunches for their nutritional needs.

Leroy Tre’ Hutchins, president of the South Cobb Council PTA distributed the following information on social media about resources for the students and opportunities for the community to volunteer and donate.

Hello Community!

We have a growing concern on our hand and I believe we can assist with the challenge.

Due to the CCSD COVID-19 School Closure, the most vulnerable within our communities are more likely to go hungry throughout the course of the week.

The CCSD is partnering with MUST Ministry to support their existing Food Pantry Program. In our area, MUST Ministries have Pantry locations at the following schools;

Pebblebrook HS
South Cobb High School
Floyd Middle School
Lindley Six Grade Academy
Lovinggood Middle School
Garrett Middle School
Riverside Intermediate
Sanders Elementary
Clay Elementary
Harmony Leland Elementary
Mableton Elementary

These locations provide boxed food items for their current caseload of families and will continue to meet their needs first before expanding to additional families in need. This program is not designed to feed kids weekly.

MUST Ministries is currently working on scaling a plan to reach within our communities to feed our children, however, that will take some time. Here’s a suggested interim Plan of Action to start meeting the immediate needs of our children.

We want to set up satellite locations to prepare and distribute lunch bags to give children daily (M-F from 11-1pm).

We also need partners whom are willing to prepare bagged lunch items. Items to include but not limited to the following;

Bread for Sandwiches
Lunch Meat (Turkey Preference)
Sliced Cheese
Condiments (Mayo and Mustard)
Fruit (apples, bananas, oranges)
Granola Bars (Indiv. wrapped)
Cookies (indiv. wrapped)
Indiv packaged Apple Sauces
Indiv packaged Fruit Snacks
Potato Chips (Indiv. Bags)
Brown Paper Bags
Ziplock Bags
Parchment or Butcher Paper
Bottled Water
Capri Sun, Kool Aid, Indiv Juice Boxes

Any other indiv packaged lunch or snack items not mentioned above.

We also need your financial support; please donate to this Feed the Children Lunch program.


We are aware this is not a “sustainable” program, however, we want to be able to fill in any gaps until more partners come on board.

Volunteer opportunities will be made available shortly.

We can make a difference within our community…

Call me directly if you have any concerns or need additional direction. If I don’t answer, I’m probably on the phone working out logistics and I will call you back soon after. Leave a message as well…

Leroy Tre’ Hutchins, President South Cobb Council PTA 404-384-5302 cell