Kennesaw seeks public input on parks master plan update

Kennesaw City Hall

If you are a resident of the City of Kennesaw, and would like to have input into the development and planning of the city’s parks and recreation centers, the Kennesaw Park Facilities Master Plan Update is getting underway, and the city is seeking your input.

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Kennesaw issued the following press release with more details about the process of updating the master plan:

The City of Kennesaw Parks & Recreation Department and the Kennesaw City Council are pleased to announce the upcoming Kennesaw Park Facilities Master Plan Update. City of Kennesaw Parks & Recreation is conducting a survey to gather input about parks and recreation, so they can better serve the residents and community.

The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to assist the Kennesaw Parks and Recreation Department in guiding its plans for future improvements to parks, recreation, greenspace and trails within the city over the next ten years. To accomplish this goal, a review of existing parks, facilities, programs, staffing, operations and budgeting is being performed, and recommendations developed based on expressed community needs and desired current and future outcomes.

In developing the plan, public input is a vital component. A variety of public outreach efforts are involved in this Parks and Recreation Master Plan, including public meetings and community input surveys.

The City of Kennesaw residents have two chances to weigh in on the Parks and Recreation master plan. The city will conduct two public input surveys: one by direct mail and one public at-large via web. The public at-large online survey will go live Friday, May 1, at 8:00 a.m. and close on Friday, May 29, at 5:00 p.m.

“These surveys will give us an opportunity to develop the department’s vision for the future,” said Parks and Recreation Director Steve Roberts. “Community involvement is critical to updating the master plan.”

The process takes into account staff interviews, discussions with city officials, community needs and residents’ concerns. The plan will outline goals, identify new opportunities, determine project phasing and set the framework for development and maintenance of facilities, offerings and services for the next several years.

As a continuum of the public information process for Kennesaw’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update, the City Council seeks a greater understanding of the recreational resources offered to the residents of Kennesaw. Public participation contributes to better decisions because decision-makers have more complete information – in the form of additional facts, values and perspectives obtained through public input – to bring to bear on the decision process. These surveys allow for the incorporation of the best information and expertise of all stakeholders and residents. Decisions are more implementable and sustainable because the decision considers the needs and interests of all residents and residents better understand and are more invested in the outcome.

To take the survey, please visit