Lisa Cupid’s statement to Joe Biden on the All-Star Game

Cobb BOC Chairwoman Lisa Cupid at lectern during her second swearing-in ceremonyCobb Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Lisa Cupid at her second swearing-in as District 4 commissioner (Photo: Cobb County Courier/Larry Felton Johnson)

Cobb County Communications Director Ross Cavitt sent the following press notice containing Cobb County BOC Chairwoman Lisa Cupid‘s statement on her response to President Biden’s suggestion that the MLB All-Star game be removed from Georgia due to the state’s recently passed voter suppression law:

Following multiple requests for comment regarding President Biden’s statements on the MLB All-Star Game, Chairwoman Lisa Cupid released the following:

“While we are both frustrated by the recently-enacted elections legislation, the President’s remarks concerning moving Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game out of Cobb County sends an unfortunate message to those residents and businesses here who have supported him.  I would be open to a discussion with the President and others about alternative actions that would channel our frustration into an opportunity to use this event as a chance to openly discuss this legislation, voter participation, and inclusion and then find an applicable response.”



3 Comments on "Lisa Cupid’s statement to Joe Biden on the All-Star Game"

  1. William Harris | April 4, 2021 at 10:20 am | Reply

    There’s nothing at all the matter with this legislation — should have been strongly implemented long ago. After all, you need a photo ID to get a vaccine, board an airplane, and etc. The only reason to criticize this legislation is if you intend to cheat. Period.

  2. I agree with you on the ID Issue.. I disagree on the additional restrictions… food and water for people in line and also making absentee voting more challenging.. the courts and politicians have clearly communicated that no fraud occurred in the presidential election.. also the two Senate seats lost are a clear output of the the Republicans presenting a ‘bad product’ sorry no welfare earned elections.. you have to work!! And they didnt.. sorry do better!! And all these sill laws are doing are fueling the other side and they will lose again… I betcha 10 to 1..

  3. Vincenttruitt | April 10, 2021 at 2:43 am | Reply


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