Cobb school district gives substitute teachers a temporary pay raise

The logo on front of a Cobb County School District facilityCobb County School District sign (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb County School DIstrict distributed the following press release announcing a temporary pay increase for substitute teachers:

Substitutes in Cobb Schools will soon have an extra reason to smile when they see their paychecks. Effective September 6, substitute teachers, supply teachers, substitute nurses, and supply nurses in Cobb Schools will be eligible for pay increases temporarily through May 2022. The increase will reflect in the employees’ October 29 paycheck. 

“Whether they are part-time, temporary, or full time, every Team member can change a student’s life. This raise is another example of Superintendent Ragsdale’s priority of putting CARES Act relief dollars as close to the classroom as possible,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Keeli Bowen. 

The daily rate for substitute teachers in Cobb will increase to $189 temporarily, while the rate for supply teachers will increase to $212 temporarily. Both substitute and supply nurses in Cobb Schools will also see a temporary hourly rate increase by $4 per hour. For example, the hourly rate for an RN nurse supply position will increase to $27.89 temporarily.  

Those interested in joining the Cobb Schools team should visit here.  

Cobb Schools teacher substitutes and nurses are not the only ones this year to see a monetary thank you. 

Superintendent Ragsdale recently announced a $1,200 retention bonus for all bus drivers and monitors payable in their December payroll. To be eligible for the retention bonus, each driver and monitor must be employed by September 24th.   

For specific questions related to pay and the temporary rate increases, contact Cobb Schools Human Resources Department.


2 Comments on "Cobb school district gives substitute teachers a temporary pay raise"

  1. So, to resolve this issue, CCSD wants to throw money at it…..Superintendent Ragsdale keep stating that students need to be in school, but what type of education are our students receiving by placing random people into the classroom to “teach”. This temporary pay raise is also trying to entice unlicensed personnel as a substitute for the school nurse. How demeaning to the highly educated, dedicated CCSD school nurses to think that they can so easily be replaced by an unlicensed person. They are working tirelessly, on their own time trying to keep up with their duties as licensed professionals just to be looked down upon by parents and the district “leadership”.

  2. What is the difference between a substitute teacher and a supply teacher?

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