In video, Cobb public officials and public figures urge vaccination, masking

coronavirus image -- a white sphere with red corona spikes emanating outwardThis illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reveals ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses. (public domain image)

In a video, a group of Cobb public officials and other leading figures urged residents to get vaccinated and mask up to slow the spread of the pandemic that is rapidly spreading through the community here in Cobb.

Entitled “COVID in Cobb — A plea from our family,” the video includes Sheriff Craig Owens, Cassie Mazloom, the director of Cobb Emergency Management Agency, District Attorney Flynn Broady, Jr., Cobb County Chief Magistrate Judge Brendan F. Murphy, state Representative Erick Allen, Chief Probate Judge Kelli Wolk, Dr. Janet Memark, the District Health Director for Cobb & Douglas Public Health, Andy Gaines, the general manager of the Strand Theatre on Marietta Square, Jessica Gill, the President and CEO of NW Metro Habitat for Humanity, and Cobb Solicitor Barry Morgan.

Sheriff Owens mentioned his own experience with COVID-19, and said, “Take it from someone who had the virus. You do not want the virus.”

Director Mazloom said, “COVID-19 has the lives of 1055 people in Cobb County and affected countless others. Please help us fight this pandemic by getting the vaccine and wearing a mask.”

DA Broady said, “I was vaccinated because I know the importance that this has for our family, having lost three family members to COVID. I want to keep my family safe.”

Judge Murphy urged residents to consider getting vaccinated, and when inside, to wear a mask.

Rep. Allen said, “It’s not about our individualism. It’s about working together to make sure that we can overcome this virus together.”

Judge Wolk said, “We’ve been here the whole time trying to take care of families. Please, get vaccinated, so we can be here when you need us the most.”

Dr. Memark, who has been sounding the alarm over the growing spread of the disease since June, said “Right now our hospitals are very full. staffing is very low, and they need help. So let us all pitch in together: please get vaccinated and wear your mask indoors.”

Gaines said that the Strand Theatre has lost a board member to COVID-19, and urges that people get vaccinated.

Solicitor Morgan said, “You know, we are a country who believes in liberty and freedom. It was one of the principles that our country was founded on. But along with that freedom it’s commensurate that we have responsibility. We have a responsibility to ourselves. We have a responsibility to our families, and we have responsibility to the community.”

Jessica Gill of Habitat for Humanity said, “Please stay safe. We hope you’ll get vaccinated. We’d love to see you out on our build site. And while you’re vaccinated, it keeps our volunteers and their families safe as well.”

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